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Where can I buy Ring Snuggies®?

Ring Snuggies® are available at Wal-Mart, Claires Boutiques, and Icings. Watch for them in other retailers in your area soon!

What if I have sensitive skin?

Ring Snuggies® are made of surgical grade PVC and will not cause skin allergies.

Can Ring Snuggies® damage my valuable ring?

No, Ring Snuggies® are safe to use with any ring.

Are they just one size?

No, there are 6 different sizes in round and oval shapes in the Assorted Ring Snuggies package. The ovals are great for wide ring shanks, or for joining 2 ring shanks together on the same finger. The Jumbo Ring Snuggies package contains 2 extra-thick round sizes, which are great when you need to adjust for more than one full ring size, such as girls who wear their boyfriend’s class ring.

I had a Ring Snuggie® that fell off, how do I prevent that?

Be sure you have chosen the proper size Snuggie for your ring. It is important that the Snuggie fits all the way around your ring shank. Also, it is best if the slit is on the outside of the ring, away from the finger.

Can you put them on when the ring is already on the finger?

YES! This is why Ring Snuggies® are the only solution for persons with enlarged knuckles.

Do they come in any colors?

No. Ring Snuggies® are “water clear”, which makes them perfect for any ring color or skin tone.

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For the best possible secure fit apply the Ring Snuggie® so that the slit is facing away from the palm of the hand.

Ring Snuggies® are designed to be put on AFTER the ring has been put on the finger. Installation of a Snuggie before the ring has been put on the finger may result in an improper fit and function.

In order to achieve the best fit possible, it is important to make sure that the best size Ring Snuggie has been selected.
***Make sure the Snuggie is able to completely close around the ring shank!

If the ring has a small diameter, it may be necessary to trim the edge of your Ring Snuggie® in order to comfortably fit on the ring. This can be done with a pair of normal household scissors.

If your Ring Snuggies® are hard to open, soak the Snuggie in warm water to soften the plastic.

1. An instant, economical ring sizing solution, providing a snug fit for any ring on any finger.
2. Perfect for people with enlarged knuckles, because Ring Snuggies® can be applied AFTER the ring is on the finger.
3. Ideal for fashion or costume rings which can not be re-sized.
4. Great for persons experiencing weight loss. Will help prevent ring loss when using hand lotions and sun screen at home, at work and at play.
5. An easy way to join two rings together on one finger.
6. Made of “water clear”, hypoallergenic PVC that will not mar the finish of fine jewelry.
7. JUMBO-Ring Snuggies® are ideal for girls who wear their boyfriends class ring.
8. Ring Snuggies® come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any ring shank.
9. Makes a great gift for any occasion. Made in the USA and packaged by disabled adults.

Ring Snuggies® are 100% made in the USA by a family owned and operated corporation. Ring Snuggies® is packaged by disabled adults at the Adult Development Center of Benton County, Inc. who take great pride and joy in their work. Ring Snuggies® us not only a great product for the retial consumer, but it has also made a positive impact on many lives in the North West Arkansas community. Selling Ring Snuggies® is more than selling a product, it is making a difference in the lives of disabled people.

Ring Snuggies® provide an instant, economyical solution to a variety of ring fit challenges for which conventional re-sizing is either impossible or impractical, such as:
• Enlarged knuckles
• Non-sizeable fashion or costume jewelry
• Weight loss
• Boy friend’s class ring
• Size adjustment of any ring for any finger
• Family heirlooms that you with not to resize
• To aid in the sale of fine jewelry
• Joining two rings to be worn on one finger

Ring Snuggies® are “water clear”, which makes them perfect for any ring color or skin tone, and will not mar the beauty of fine jewelry. Also they are the ONLY solution for persons with enlarged knuckles because they can be applied AFTER the ring in on the finger.