Tips & Tricks


If the Ring Snuggie® makes your ring fit too tightly, you can trim the edge slightly for a more comfortable fit.


For the best possible fit attach the Ring Snuggie® while your wearing the ring. Ring Snuggies® were designed to be installed this way.


For a secure fit make sure the slit on the Ring Snuggie® is facing away from the palm of the hand.

Hard to open

If your Ring Snuggie® is hard to open, soak the Snuggie in warm water to soften the plastic.

Jewel Renew Polishing Solution

Jewel Renew® is much more than your average ring cleaner. Using a special formula developed 23 years ago, Jewel Renew® is a polish that’s able to clean and polish your fine jewelry all while using no harsh chemicals such as ammonia, acids, or abrasives. Jewel Renew® is safe to use on ALL jewelry so give it a try today!