About Us

How It All Began

The story by the inventor of RingSnuggies®, Kay Novotny:

“I have always loved jewelry and especially rings. In the 80’s I was on a mission to acquire colored gemstone rings to coordinate with my wardrobe. I also had some nice diamond rings. Another thing I had was/is enlarged knuckles. Having a ring sized large enough to go over my knuckle meant it was much too loose and would spin around on my finger. It was impossible to get a ring properly fit. However, that didn’t stop me from buying rings!”

“My life’s work has been administrative bookkeeping type jobs which means I used calculators, typewriters and computers many hours every day. While working on keyboards, my rings would spin to the under side of my hand and become quite bothersome. It would bother me enough that I would ultimately take off the rings and lay them on my desk.”

“One day while experiencing the frustration of a bothersome spinning ring, I sat down in a chair and thought, “there has to be a way to fix this”. I began exploring in my mind what it would need to be. It had to be something that went on the ring AFTER you had the ring on your finger. It would have to be clear so you could wear it on fine jewelry. With that, God gave me an idea how to create a RING SNUGGIE®. It was a vivid vision of what it should be. I even knew immediately what it would be named. However, everything wasn’t quite that easy (God expects us to do our share) as it took more than a year of design and product research before we were able to place our first product order. There were times of discouragement during the next few years, and it would take more than three years before we got our first major retail account.

More than a decade later, God continues to bless His idea! I give Him the glory!”

100% Made in USA

Ring Snuggies® and Jewel Renew are 100% Made in the USA. Also a big part of our mission is investing in our local community. That is why we’re a proud partner of Open Avenues in Northwest Arkansas where both Ring Snuggies® and Jewel Renew are packaged by disabled adults. For more information about Open Avenues click here.