Ring Snuggies - the original ring size adjuster


ring snuggies, the original ring size adjuster

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy Ring Snuggies?

  • Ring Snuggies are available at Wal-Mart, Claires Boutiques, and Icings. Watch for them in other retailers in your area soon!

  • What if I have sensitive skin?

  • Ring Snuggies are made of surgical grade PVC and will not cause skin allergies.

  • Can Ring Snuggies damage my valuable ring?

  • No, Ring Snuggies are safe to use with any ring.

  • Are they just one size?

  • No, there are 4 different sizes in round and oval shapes in the assorted package, and 2 extra large rounds in the Jumbo package. The ovals are great for wide ring shanks, or for joining 2 ring shanks together on the same finger. The Jumbos are great when you need to adjust for more that one full ring size, such as girls who wear their boyfriend's class ring.

  • I had a Ring Snuggie that fell of, how do I prevent that?

  • Be sure you have chosen the proper size Snuggie for your ring. It is important that the Snuggie fits all the way around your ring shank. Also, it is best if the slit is on the outside of the ring, away from the finger.

  • Can you put them on when the ring is already on the finger?

  • YES! This is why Ring Snuggies are the only solution for persons with enlarged knuckles.

  • Do they come in any colors?

  • No. Ring Snuggies are "water clear", which makes them perfect for any ring color or skin tone.


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